Legoizer makes free instructions that turn any photo into Lego mosaics

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Lego murals can look amazing, but for the inexperienced it can be difficult to know where to start. Fortunately, Legoizer takes any digital image and turns it into a grid that you can create from Lego bricks—along with a shopping list and instructions to make the whole process super easy. For free!

The website’s simple: upload an image, and Legoizer pixelates it using the Lego color palette, at the same time working out which bricks you’ll need. Then it shows you how the image will look, providing a shopping list and line-by-line instruction to boot. A 700 pixel-square image ends up about 5 feet-square, so certainly big enough to jolly up a wall in your home. Why not give it a try and post your best attempts in the comments?


[Legoizer via Imaging Resource via Peta Pixel]

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Original image by Kim Seng under Creative Commons license