Lego's new see-through case is a better way to show off your Minifigs

You spent hours in toy stores squeezing and groping those blind-bagged Minifigs to ensure you’re buying exactly the characters you want, so Lego is rewarding your efforts with an updated display case that’s completely see-through to best show off your hard-earned collection.


Lego hasn’t officially revealed the new Minifigure Display Case just yet, but it popped up on the UK-based Smyths Toys’ website as being available starting in late June for just shy of $50. The case features two large doors on the front for accessing the 16 available spots inside, and each one has a four-by-four stud base on the bottom for posing your Minifigs and their accessories. And just like Lego bricks, the display cases can be stacked to expand their capacity.

The new clear version of the Minifigure Display Case is especially good for displaying your collection because it means you can look at them from all sides without having to remove and risk anything happening to them. [Smyths Toys via Brick Fanatics]

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