Illustration for article titled Leicas Willing to Strip Your M9 of Its Famous Red Dot For an Extra $1,995

How will people know you're wealthy enough to afford a Leica, if they can't see the iconic red dot? I suppose those-in-the-know will assume its absence meant you spent $1,995 upgrading it to be like their new M9-P, which foregoes the red dot for photographers' safety.


Obviously the removal of a red dot alone doesn't cost two grand—oh no, they'll also replace the LCD screen with sapphire glass, and coat it in rugged vulcanite leatherette. I love that Leica is offering this option to current M9 owners who may be slighted over this new-and-improved model coming out and eclipsing their own camera, but isn't guessing when the best—ie, safest—time to buy a product just part of the fun? [PDN via PetaPixel]

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