Let The Right One In Remake Sounds Hideous. Plus Weird Caprica Spoilers, And A Startling Lost Screenshot

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Chloe Moretz describes Let Me In's "Romeo And Juliet" story. On the plus side, Esai Morales' Caprica spoilers are so odd, you'll be left wondering. We may have the first Lost season six screencap. Plus Doctor Who, Fringe and Chuck.

Let Me In:

Okay, brace yourself, because this doesn't sound good. Chloe Moretz describes the remake of Let The Right One In:

It's about a boy who lives in Los Alamos, New Mexico. Growing up, not many people like him, he's not popular. He's wimpy, kind of an outcast. Then this girl moves in, she's totally different. She doesn't wear shoes, wears raggedy clothes - it's sort of like "Romeo and Juliet" with vampires. She can't be with him, because she's a vampire. But they fall in love; it's a really sweet coming-of-age story between a little boy and a little girl... [Our vampires] aren't very glamorous. It's a very sad and heavy burden to have; it's not easy to live. You need blood to live, and that's not an easy thing to go through. [My character, Abby] has to kill for it. She's a very sweet, loving person. And that's why I relate to the character - she's a beast, it's a demon inside of her and she can't stop it from coming out ... when I turn into a vampire, it's terrifying.




You'll be shocked to learn that promo pics of Ben from season six are creepy-looking. [DocArzt]

Michael Emerson says Ben may be "pre-redeemed" for killing Locke, but can't really explain what that means. As Terry O'Quinn responds, "What the hell does that mean?" Also, O'Quinn doubts there will be a Ben or a Locke by the end of the show. And Emerson has "less hope" that Ben will turn into a good guy by the end, meaning maybe that Ben gets even darker at the start of the new season. [E! Online]

Episode 6x10 will be called "TBD" (yes, that's reportedly a real title), and 6x12 will be called "Everybody Loves Hugo." [SpoilersLost]


An anonymous source claims to have watched rough cuts of the first nine episodes, and says there are loads and loads of deaths, leaving you wondering if anyone will survive to the end. Smokey kills tons of people and doesn't like sailors. Also, Sayid is a bad mother. And episode nine is amazing and will make you cry. As with all anonymous tipsters, this is a "grain of salt" thing. [SpoilersLost]

Yunjin Kim talks to Sky One. [DocArzt]

And a promo that aired during Private Practice featured a few brief flashes of what people think is new footage of Claire, toting an army rifle. Here's a screenshot. [SpoilersLost]



Esai Morales drops some pretty heavy-duty hints about the tail end of season one:

[In] one of the episodes, I have to deal with possibly the most devastating drama that the character has faced yet. You would think after all he goes through it wouldn't get worse, but it gets worse. We take a gamble and it doesn't go well and we basically have to make a run. If I suggest too much, it'll be obvious. I was literally in tears when I read it. I went to bed in tears with the thought that of that happening to me. [In the season finale], there might be a time jump. We might see them a few years later.


So Adama has to go on the run... and then the show jumps forward a few years? All of a sudden, the end of BSG season two feels like less of a big leap forward. I'm wondering if that time jump brings us closer to the brink of the Cylon war? [Seattle Post-Intelligencer]

In next week's episode, two lab techs are fascinated by the proto-Cylon body that Zoe finds herself trapped in.

A "great piece of engineering," marvels one. "Just a tool," scoffs the other. "She likes it rough," one notes later, when the robot gets feisty. The robot looks male on the outside, but the boys discern a feminine nature and refer to it as "she."


[Washington Post]

And here's the schedule and titles of the first half-dozen episodes:

January 22 — two-hour "Pilot" (TV version - less boobs and violence, more Pyramid, and new VFX)
January 29 — "Rebirth"
February 5 — "Reins of a Waterfall"
February 19 — "Gravedancing"
February 26 — "There Is Another Sky"
March 5 — "Know Thy Enemy"



Doctor Who:

As Bluehinter pointed out in yesterday's comments, they're filming at Swansea Guild Hall, and it's apparently being tricked out to look like a museum, with Egyptian statues, a Polar bear, and various other stuff. And there's speculation that this may be a story, held over from season four, about a natural history museum with Indiana Jones-style trapdoors underneath, leading to a whole hidden area. (But since that story was by Mark Gatiss, and was set in World War II, and Gatiss is already doing a WWII Dalek story, it seems unlikely.) Photos by Lacerda.[GallifreyBase]



Anna Torv talks about her character's lonely task:


Here's the official description for episode 5x15, "My Bloody Valentine":

Castiel (Misha Collins) helps Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) hunt down Cupid (guest star Lex Medlin) on Valentine's Day after townspeople start to kill each other for love. However, after Cupid tells them he's innocent, they discover Famine (guest star James Otis), one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, has arrived in town.


[Supernatural Fans Online]


In episode 3x15, "Chuck Vs. The Role Models," we meet the Turners, a stylish couple in their 50s who are CIA superspies. And Otto Von Vogel, a software designer who develops a program that would render CIA security useless, and holds a fancy party at his mansion as a smokescreen to evaluate potential buyers. Plus Justin Sullivan, a handsome doctor with Doctors Without Borders working in the Congo, and two soldiers with an armed militia in the Congo. [SpoilerTV]



Another medical character turning up in episode 6x18:

[DR. CARLA WEAVER] 60s, any ethnicity. An experienced physician whose knowledge of her field carries weight. Firm, but caring, she lectures a patient to be more vigilant about her health...Co-Star




Here are some promo pics from episode 17, "The Wall." [SpoilerTV]