Letitia Wright Freestyling in Costume Somehow Makes Black Panther Even Better

Ready to drop a fire mixtape.
Ready to drop a fire mixtape.
Image: Marvel Studios

The actors behind Black Panther’s side characters have gotten a lot of love, and it’s easy to see why. The film shines in its portrayal of marginal details and setting, giving life and care to the people and places that other movies would sideline and de-emphasize.


So when Letitia Wright, who played Shuri, and Winston Duke, who played M’Baku, are shown having a blast freestyling and beatboxing (respectively) behind the scenes of Black Panther, it’s extra delightful. Not only can we delight in these cool people having a lot of fun, but we delight because of how much we enjoyed those characters and the care these performers gave them.

All of this is a very high-minded way to say: Letitia Wright rapping on set is the best, and we should all be thankful for Lupita Nyong’o’s twitter for sharing such riches with the world.

With Shuri on rhymes and M’Baku on beats, these two Wakandan wonders are the hottest hip-hop group this side of the Klaue posse. We’ll be waiting for the tapes to drop.

[Twitter, via Collider]


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*spoilers, I guess* I saw the movie again last night, and Letitia Wright just steals every scene she’s in. Also the little boy behind me was having a BLAST, but nothing got a bigger reaction than when Shuri and Nakia come around the corner at the end with their battle armor and cool weapons - he literally stood up out of his seat and yelled “WHOAAAA!” My heart.

Also, I’m really blown away by Winston Duke - on rewatch I suddenly realized that M’Baku is really only in 3-4 scenes, but he makes a massive impression.

tl;dr all I need in this world is a spinoff movie about Shuri and M’Baku having odd couple adventure hijinks in California. ALL I NEED.