Let's Celebrate the Return of DC Nation!

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This week in the world of cartoons, DC Nation returns and we learn what happens when a Clone Trooper forgets he is a Clone Trooper!


Adventure Time and Regular Show return next week, with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic returning in Mid-January. There is at least one more episode of Gravity Falls to come, "Boss Mabel", but the air date is currently unknown.

As always - minor spoilers ahead!

Star Wars: The Clone Wars – "Missing in Action"

What happens when a Clone Trooper forgets he is a Clone Trooper?

The D-Squad finds Gregor, a former Clone Trooper, living a pedestrian life working as a dishwasher on a bizarre planet. R2-D2 uses a particularly creepy hologram trick to help Gregor regain his lost memories in this clip.

Gregor's past might just overlap with the Republic Commando game and series of books, making for an interesting tie-in.

Green Lantern: The Animated Series – "Steam Lantern"

In an episode bringing back memories of DC Comics' now defunct Elseworlds line, Hal Jordan is transported to a world that runs on steam power.

This makes for some really interesting visuals and an exceptional story — I'm ready for a Steam Lantern or Elseworlds DC Nation spin-off.

Young Justice – "Before the Dawn"

Alien invaders! Batgirl and Robin help some teenagers facing alien abduction in this clip, abduction that will land them in a pod.


The pod includes a free (and mandatory) coupon for scarab transformation.

Tron Uprising – "State of Mind"

Tesler is working on a mind control device, one that is unusually successful. The device lures in Mara, one of Beck's closest friends.


In this clip from the New Year's Eve episode, Beck and Zed clash while formulating rescue plans.

A new episode, "Welcome Home", airs this Sunday overnight.

Top image courtesy of DC and Cartoon Network. Green Lantern, Young Justice, and Clone Wars air Saturday mornings on Cartoon Network. Tron: Uprising airs Sunday Nights around midnight on DisneyXD.



Static Jak

Gotta say, Young Justice is easily the best animated DC show since the previous DC Animated Universe finished up.

If they wanted, they could expand well beyond Young Justice with other shows and contain them inside this new Animated Universe.

Say, a Flash Animated series or whatever. Loads of cool stuff to try out.