Let's Help This Rad Disabled Vet Get A Rad Skiing Job

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We don't know Andy Campbell but we think he should win the "Ultimate Mountain Gig" ski contest. Why? Because Andy Campbell out-skis us all—and he can't use his legs.

Andy wrote us this weekend:

I'm a disabled iraq veteran who loves Giz and skiing. I ski sitting down in a "sitski" and have competed in the Winter X-Games and been featured in last year's Warren Miller film.

A ski resort in Utah is running a competition for "The Ultimate Mountain Gig" with the winner living at the mountain and skiing all season in return for blogging and stuff.

I'll come to Snowmodo and dazzle you with my sweet jumps and mad skills ;) I ski, paraglide, mountain-bike, kayak and even rock-climb despite not being able to use my legs at all, maybe some of the different equipment I use to do it all is Giz worthy?

According to the competition page from The Canyons Resort, the perfect candidate "must be comfortable with the written word, computer savvy with regard to uploading video and images, familiar with blog writing styles, eager to share your passion for the mountains, and most of all, an outgoing personality willing to share his/her likeness and name for the position."


You guys. Check out Andy's video. He's perfect. Just hook up already! [Andy Campbell] [Voting Page]