Let's Hope This Beautiful Leather iPhone Sleeve Gets an Upgrade This Week

It's as functional as it is simple, but if you have any intentions of upgrading your iPhone in the very near future, you're unfortunately going to want to pass on Evouni's lovely leather sleeve stand. All evidence points to the next-generation iPhone being taller than the current model, which means this sleeve will simply be too small.


But if you're happy with your iPhone 4S, or other similarly-sized smartphone, by all means fork over the $30 that Evouni is asking for this sleeve. Not only will it protect your device while still letting it slip into a pocket, it's also cleverly engineered to prop it up in either portrait or landscape modes, at different angles, so you don't have to hold it. It's rather heartbreaking to discover such a lovely case so late in the game, so here's to hoping that Evouni has an updated version enroute compatible with whatever the iPhone 5 ends up being.

[Evouni via designboom]


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