It’s May Day! From its origins as an ancient pagan festival of springtime to its 19th-century incarnation as International Workers’ Day, today is laden with a lot of history. It’s also Friday at last. How’s your May Day progressing?

Gawker Media is hosting an outdoor party to celebrate the day, but I’m probably going to spend most of it hunched inside over my keyboard in the darkened editorial room, yelling at and with my friends on the internet about Avengers: Age of Ultron, which I saw last night. I...don’t know. I just don’t know what I think of it, but I’m probably not going to see it multiple times, which I had planned to do. The further I get from the movie, the more conflicted I am about about what I saw. I’m basically a bristling bundle of opinions over the whole thing.


This can be a spoiler-free zone, or, if you want to shout with me in the comments, just give your fellow readers some spoiler-space warning, and check out Charlie Jane Anders’ review of the movie over on io9. Or maybe you neither care nor have any plans to see Ultron! That is your awesome prerogative. Tell us what else is on your mind on what is hopefully a fine spring day, wherever you are.

What’s up, Gizmodo? (Please especially include if you are engaged in any plans for pagan ritual and/or anarchy).