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Let's Watch Expensive Things Get Destroyed In Slow Motion

An expensive Les Paul Guitar. An expensive Strat-style guitar. An expensive refrigerator. Let's all take two minutes out of our day and ogle as they're destroyed by fire and explosion, in super slo-mo. It's beautiful. It's cathartic. It's Wednesday.


The clips are from Mike Senese, who engineered the destruction for his role as co-host of the Science Channel's Catch It Keep It. You can check out the full ins and outs of how best to rig 100lbs of thermite to torch a Les Paul at his blog. Or just keep watching that video until you've decided whether the soundtrack is Sigur Rós, or "One Less Lonely Girl" slowed down 800%. [Mike Senese]

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Blasting a refrigerator is ok I guess; it's just an appliance. But those guitars are works of art... this is just wrong.