levelHead is an Interactive, Blockbusting Videogame

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Julian Oliver, from New Zealand, has put together an awesome interactive cube game, called levelHead. The idea behind it is pretty simple; software is used to detect the cube's motion and a set of digital cameras are then utilized to display an appropriate image, depending on your response. Jump for a video.

The game being worked on currently relies upon guiding a wondering, lost sole through the cubetastic world. Each tilt of the hexahedron guides the walker in the corresponding direction. The aim is to direct the bi-pedal show off to the exit of the virtual world contained within. Eventually, there will be multiple blocks, all interlinked, making for one crazy toy, indeed. Julian plans to release his work as an open source project in the near future, designed primarily for Debian, Ubuntu or Linux. If that explanation has left you confused and itchy, catch the video and all will make sense, we promise. [Technabob]


@hakubak: The Apple version actually has 6 OLED displays on the physical cube, requiring no separate computer to play the game. :D