Lexon LCD E8 Wall Clock Keeps 'Em Guessing

Annoying timekeeping schemes are not just for watches any more, as evidenced by this minimalist LCD E8 eight wall clock from Lexon, a company that also makes a watch with this same goofy layout.


How does it work? Each of the four columns represents a digit, and sure, it's confusing but we hear it's easy to get used to after a short while. The little indicator halfway up makes it a bit easier, showing you the spot where the 5 is.

Either mount this baby on the wall or prop it up on its own built-in stand, and keep everybody guessing about what time it really is. If all this annoys you, avoid its steep $203 price and use the clock on your $600 cellphone.

Minimalist LCD E8 Wall Clock [tfts]

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