LG Exec Could Be Banned From CES For Sabotaging a Washing Machine

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As far as electronics manufacturers are concerned, the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Vegas every year is their own personal Super Bowl, Academy Awards, and Mecca pilgrimage all rolled into one. Apparently, Jo Seong-jin, the head of LG's home appliance division should have thought of that before (allegedly) sabotaging Samsung washing machine displays in Germany. Because it looks like Seong-jin is about to get banned.


The incident took place this past September, when Samsung filed a lawsuit for property damage and defamation against five LG execs (five!) after they "intentionally sabotaged the door hinges of one of its washing machines at an electronics store there." Supposedly, Samsung even has CCTV footage depicting the act of exec-on-electronic violence.

According to CNET, Seong-jin is the only of the five executive hooligans to get imposed with a travel ban after not complying "to any of the multiple requests to attend [court], citing packed schedules due to the year end's reshuffle and preparing for the upcoming tradeshow." LG is currently trying to lift the ban, citing that they promise pretty please for real this time to comply with prosecutors just as soon as they get back from CES in January.


Samsung's response? Shaking their damn heads at LG's "lack of respect for the law."

Me-ow. [CNET via Business Insider]

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Do people really go around to these shows to decide what to buy? I'm not sure of the purpose of something like this. Cars, electronics, games...sure. But appliances?