LG External Drive Burns Everything

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LG looks to be trying to fill a void in the world of external DVD drives with the release of their GSA-5169D. Unlike other external DVD drives that support only a limited number of DVD formats, the GSA-5169D supports all standard, non-high definition DVD formats. With the GSA-5169D plugged into your USB 2.0 port, you'll be able to burn DVD+/-R/RW, DVD+/-R DL, DVD-RAM and CD-R/RW.

Perfect for people who use laptops, the GSA-5169D will let users burn up to 8.5GB of data on dual layer discs. Of course, you'd only use such a technology for 100% completely legal uses, right?


As a bonus, LG has included USB, S-Video and regular RCA video and audio inputs on the drive. Conceivably, you'd be able to take all that precious footage you've shot with your digital camcorder and send it straight to a DVD for archival purposes. This could be of great use for small, mobile projects where hauling a whole PC system isn't practical.


The $179, Windows-only (or so LG says) LG GSA-5169D is available now.

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