LG Has Started Production on Super Thin Screens Supposedly for the iPhone 5

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Reuters is reporting that LG has started mass production of a "new and thinner display, widely speculated to be for use in Apple's next iPhone." It makes sense, especially since we expect the iPhone 5 to be announced on September 12th, for factories to start pumping out iPhone 5 parts.


The screens LG is working on is expected to be 4-inches—nearly 30% bigger than current iPhones—but also incredibly thin. The new screens embed touch sensors into the display so there's no need for a separate touch-screen layer. Eliminating unnecessary parts means jumping ahead in the ongoing smartphone race to stay thin and hopefully, means a battery that doesn't suck. September 12th can't come soon enough. [Reuters]



I have to say that I've gotten to the point with seeing the next iPhone 'leaks' that either:

a.) Apple doesn't give a shit anymore

b.) The desire is so strong to release data on the new iPhone (esp. if people are willing to pay for it) that people are willing to take the risk.

c.) Everything you've seen so far is bullshit and in a few weeks you'll see something completely different.

The sheer volume of stuff coming out makes me think it's #2 but boy do I hope it's #3. Of course, Tim Cook et al maybe decided they were rich enough, post-Jobs and had no direction so they might as well just cash their chips in right before September 12th.

If this is the new iPhone. This is by far, the *worst-kept-secret* Apple has ever had.