LG Jumps into the GPS Market with Pricey 4-inch Handheld

LG seems to be all over the place nowadays, and pretty soon they'll be inside your car, too. The LN740, LN735, and LN730 mark the company's first GPS systems. The top of the line LN740 ($450) will feature a 4-inch screen along with a 90-day trial of Traffic.com (which reports live traffic info to you). Meanwhile, the LN735 ($350) and the LN730 ($300) will both have 3.5-inch displays.


All three units will come with pre-loaded Navteq software and they'll be able to play MP3s and display photos via an SD card slot. Not bad, but personally I might default to the 4.3-inch TomTom which is still more affordable than the LN740.

The Lost Get a Hand from a New Entrant in GPS Device [NYT]



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