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LG Develops Phone with 3D and Tactile Feedba-OMFGVIRTUALPHONESEX!

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

LG has announced that it is developing a cellphone with DMB that will enable people to feel the programme as well as seeing it. According to LG Electronics spokesman Song Keun-Young, the technology "adds the sense of touch to the traditional modes of sight and hearing."

Roughly speaking this means your phone will vibrate when the ball goes in the back of the net if you're watching a soccer match, or if the hero's car crashes during the movie you're engrossed in. Any bombs will set off light-emitting diodes which will blink in time to the explosions. The South Korean company plans to market new models (both hand-held devices as well as car terminals) which contain 3-D and sensing technology some time next year, after they have secured content.


Okay, so I lied about the phone sex. But you wish, eh?

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