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LG shows off some GPS know-how with its LAN-9600R. Besides the fact that the built-in disc reader supports CDs and DVDs filled with all sorts of multimedia (MP3, WMA, Divx, etc.), the unit's 7-inch screen is motorized, meaning that it can retract into the dash at the push of a button. Now, LG cannot claim to be the inventor of this feature, but it's still appreciated. Sure, I'd most appreciate being able to not get lost while listening to and watching the latest Hollywood-Approved Content, but that's another matter entirely.

It looks as if the LAN-9600R will launch in Europe first and will come bundled with maps of various European countries and is expected to hit the streets for around $2,000. Whereas standalone portable GPS units might be a bit dubious nowadays, there will pretty much always be a market for these in-car, big-screened models, especially since you can load 'em up with all your favorite media.


Product Page [LG via Ubergizmo]

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