LG Planning Dual Touchscreen Clamshell

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Now that the Prada phone is out, rumor has it that LG is planning another touchscreen cellphone. This time around the phone will be a clamshell with dual touchscreens (like this NTT DoCoMo phone). The touchscreens will function as one giant display, or they can act independently of one another, with the bottom screen acting as the control screen (kinda like the Nintendo DS).

Another cool feature is that the phone will have dynamic icons, meaning that the icons will move around when you tap on them, so you don't have to hit them dead-on all the time. No word on when we'll see the phone, but this one's looking even more intriguing than the Prada phone.


LG KE850 Prada Was Just the Beginning [Unwired View]

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I wouldn't consider it a DS knockoff, unless they started making similar software for it. Dual screen systems were always considered in development with computer software, Nintendo was just the first to get there, since they were just making small 2.5" screens.