LG Prada II Officially Decent, Expensive and Faaaabulous

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LG and Prada have just sent out a pre-announcement for the upcoming Prada II, sequel to the companies' first touchscreen lovechild that was released well over a year ago. Stand-out features include a 5MP camera, FM radio, 7.2Mbps HSDPA 850/2100 (hey, North American importers) and Wi-Fi. The rest of the tech specifications pretty much match the leaked list, but offer little to distinguish the phone from the growing crowd of pop-out QWERTY touchscreen phones. In fact, the omission of GPS and decision to stick with the decent but none-too-powerful LG/Prada OS make the €600 asking price sound slightly goofy. That said, if you're tired of sacrificing QWERTYness for prettiness, well, here you go. It should be available "before the end of the year" but it'll be Europe only, at least at first. [LG via UnwiredView]



I don't understand why people by these overpriced gimmiks at all, I mean they don't really offer antything than something at even half the price does. The only thing you're acrually paying for it the Prada logo on the thing.

Shure, the iPhone is a bit overpriced, specially here in Finland, but what do you get for your money? The best darn cellphone OS ever made (according to some), and what do you get by buying this instead of something at half or even a quarte of the price? Nothing, exept a Prafa logo that tell anyone with even a little bit of sence that you're an idiot...