LG Prada Phone UI Walkthrough

Ever since it was first announced, we've been kinda curious about LG's iPhone competitor, especially after sizing it up to the competition and seeing those pics of the user interface. Well, now you can take a full look at the UI thanks to the folks at Cellulare IT magazine who got some one-on-one time with LG's baby. I gotta admit, the UI looks pretty snazzy and easy to use, though I wish it were a tad bit faster. The phone is coming out this spring in Europe for about $500. Sadly, there's no word on a U.S. release, though we can always hope.

LG Prada Phone Video Exclusive (Italian) [Cellulare IT]



This phone is slick. I am so sick of Apple fanboys claiming this is a copy of the iPhone when it is clearly not. It was announced before Mac World. I think thins thing is gonna sell, provided a US carrier picks it up. As far as the lag goes, any touch screen will be a bit slow but most people won't care because they are more concerned with style than function. i.e the Razr. Another plus is that this phone won't be crippled by some stupid DRM scheme and will likely work well for mp3. Is there any compelling reason to believe the iPhone will be better than this? I don't think so.