LG Teases Its Upcoming 4:3 Optimus Vu

Is there a limit on how big your smartphone can be before it can be called a tablet? Looks like LG trying to find out. It just dropped this teaser vid for its upcoming Optimus Vu—a five-inch, 4:3 ratio, Android-powered behemoth. Why a 4:3 aspect ratio? The company suggests that this size will fit more comfortably in users' hands. [LG Blog via The Verge]


well, everyone laughed at how impractical the aspect ratio on the ipad was when it came to things like video, but that doesn't seem to matter. I have a 7 inch tablet which I would imagine has a very similar dimension width-wise, and it is absolutely fantastic when I hold it in landscape mode. It just fits your hands, and makes me think that the right size for a tablet is 7 inches every time I pick it up after using my touchpad (thats right, I got in on the fire sale). the only problem the 7in has is that my thumbs are incapable of reaching the middle of the screen in landscape, which a 4:3 screen would pretty well fix. So I can see the logic of it from the two handed "gamepad" style user experience, but its probably going to be impossible to use as a phone, most apps are made with a different aspect ratio in mind and its probably not going to be great for viewing the internet.