LG-VX8100 w/ Bluetooth on Verizon

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Documents filed with the FCC on Tuesday reveal a new LG Bluetooth clamshell-style camera phone coming to Verizon's network. Feature details on the VX-8100 are somewhat scarce, but it's definitely tri-mode, dual-band CDMA and presumably the successor to LG's (still not out) VX-8000. It's probably safe to assume a greater-than-1-megapixel camera given the 8000's 1-megapixeler (It's safe to assume that's not a word). It's pretty much impossible to speculate about a release date or street price, but if I had to guess I'd put it in the third or fourth quarter of 2005. We'll see. (Thanks, Bobby!)

FCC OET Exhibits List [via HowardForums]


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