LG's Finger Mouse: And There Was Much Rejoicing

What's not to love about LG's upcoming Finger Mouse? Doesn't manipulating your computer's GUI with a one-fingered mouse sound appealing, if not terribly comfortable? Just look at its shiny chrome shell, perfect for picking up your cheetos-encrusted fingerprints. Why, there's even a tiny scroll wheel on its side for all your scrolling needs. Of course, LG isn't the only company to come up with a one-fingered mouse.


The top button on the LG mouse functions as a left-click button, and a button towards the bottom functions as a right-click. Designed to be portable, there's still no word out of the LG camp on how much it'll cost or when it'll be released. But hey, now not only is your other hand free, but you've got an extra four fingers ready for online mischief.

portable finger-size mouse [Aving via TechEBlog]

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