Illustration for article titled LGs Glueless Packaging Is Almost as Impressive as the OLED TV Inside

A product's packaging is usually nothing but the last obstacle between you and a shiny new gadget, but often there's as much thought that goes into the design of a cardboard box as the device inside. For instance, LG put a remarkable amount of design effort into the box its OLED TVs ship in, and most consumers will never even notice.

In terms of recyclability it scores particularly high marks, since the box stays together without the use of any glues. Instead, its modular design easily comes apart into three sections that are easy to wrangle, even in a small apartment, and easy to fold down for recycling. Everything is held together with a cardboard top cap that then doubles as a support allowing you to attach the TV's base without having to precariously balance it on a piece of furniture.


Now if only Maytag made refrigerator boxes that already looked like kid forts, waiting to be moved into. [The Dieline]

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