Illustration for article titled LGs KC1 Smartphone has 4G WiMax/WiBro, Mobile TV, Lots of A/V

If you need another reminder of how far ahead Korea is in the cellphone space compared to us, here's the LG KC1. It's got WiBro support, which is 4G and lets the phone get Wi-Fi speeds pretty much anywhere. The fast speeds allow the phone to do stuff like remote PC control, streaming videos, video calls and other ridiculously high-bandwidth apps that you could only do over Wi-Fi before.


As for features, it's got DMB for live TV, a 2-megapixel camera, 512MB flash, an audio/video player, microSD slot and the front camera for 3G video calling. Even though it's running Windows Mobile 5, this is still a phone we'd happily trade in most other phones for (provided we have the WiMAX/WiBro access to back it up). [Akihabaranews via Electronista]


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