Android Central has confirmed that LG's new smartwatch is powered by webOS. The watch has been shown off at CES by Audi, where it was used to beckon a car on to the stage.

A closer look, by both Android Central and Verge reveals a fairly rich experience beyond the presence of webOS. Verge points out that the watch is able to connect to cellular data networks, and the correspondingly there are built-in dialler and messaging apps. There are also the expected pieces of music, calendar, email, and a health-oriented software, too.

And... and... it's nice, by all accounts. Verge says that this is "webOS with a level of maturity and polish that betrays the fact LG has been working on the UI for quite a while. The animations are smooth and fast and the look is tailored to fit a round watch face." The overall message: this watch is a pleasure to use.

So far, there's little else to go‚ÄĒand certainly no estimated availability date or price. With any luck, we won't have to wait too long. [Android Central, Verge]