Life With PlayStation: Wii-like Weather and News on PS3

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At today's Sony press conference, SCE president Kaz Hirai revealed new software on the way to all PS3s. Dubbed "Life With PlayStation," it's a virtual globe that can be explored to reveal weather and news. And while, sure, it sounds a lot like Nintendo's forecast and news channels (almost identical in theory, really), it also could be a lot better.


The key difference is that while Nintendo's globe is fun enough to use, it's essentially just spinning around a cartoon. The PS3's globe will not only be displayed in a far higher resolution (1080p we're guessing), but it will feature a global weather satellite image. So instead of just seeing the forecast, users will be able to see the weather.

In addition, clicking on regional news will load up a webpage, which some are interpreting to mean that Sony is more open to their news content partners than Nintendo's closed system.

And then the globe will go one step further into the future. According to Hirai:

For the primary version the application sticks to the present time but in the future we plan to build a system that can visually present stored photos and movies according to their recorded time and place, allowing users with their friends and family to enjoy the visuals in chronological order.

As usual, I'm sure it makes for a beautiful tech demo. But until we get a firm release date, it's just another PlayStation Home. [Kotaku and PCWorld]



@Cake_Eater: Yup I feel the same way,it will be nice maybe once a month but the problem is i haven't turned my wii on in over 2 months (obviously for other reasons) but this stuff doesn't really do anything.

but for the people with no computer and can't stand news media maybe its a good thing. I can't stand news media like cnn/fox but i have a computer and get plenty of news.