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Light Wave Surfboard Lets You Surf 24/7, Marks Location of Sharks' Dinner

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

At first we thought this was one of those levitating skateboards from Back to the Future finally arriving on the market, but no, it's not quite that gnarly. The Light Wave surfboard, from the makers of the Light Pick LED-illuminated guitar pick, actually has running lights that alert other surfers—or the sharks—to your presence in the waves at night.


Besides looking way cool, the battery-operated lights are functional, too. There's a running light on the side of the board to light up that tube as you shoot through, and a headlight in front that illuminates when the nose of the board rises above the waves, giving you just enough light to tell whether that next wave is worth catching or not. On the back there's even a taillight, lighting up your wake and perhaps helping you find that surfboard once you've wiped out. Only for the well-heeled surfer, the board is $2950.

Product Page [Santa Cruz Light Wells]