Light Wave Surfboard Lets You Surf 24/7, Marks Location of Sharks' Dinner

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At first we thought this was one of those levitating skateboards from Back to the Future finally arriving on the market, but no, it's not quite that gnarly. The Light Wave surfboard, from the makers of the Light Pick LED-illuminated guitar pick, actually has running lights that alert other surfers—or the sharks—to your presence in the waves at night.


Besides looking way cool, the battery-operated lights are functional, too. There's a running light on the side of the board to light up that tube as you shoot through, and a headlight in front that illuminates when the nose of the board rises above the waves, giving you just enough light to tell whether that next wave is worth catching or not. On the back there's even a taillight, lighting up your wake and perhaps helping you find that surfboard once you've wiped out. Only for the well-heeled surfer, the board is $2950.


Product Page [Santa Cruz Light Wells]

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Apparently this inventor went as far as filing a patent application for this. See his posting at:…

It is interesting that illuminating surfboards/skateboards is a reoccurring theme at the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Including this guy's idea there are more (some of which are issued patents!):

US Patent Application 20060094315 (Personal water activity apparatus with variable light display for protection against sharks and other water-borne predators)

Apparatus for protecting users of surfboards, kayaks and other personal water activity apparatus against sharks and other water-borne predators is provided. A plurality of lights is provided on the bottom and side surfaces of the personal water activity apparatus. The lights are actuated to mask and distort the shadow, shape or outline of the user together with the personal water activity apparatus, in effect camouflaging the user and his or her personal water activity apparatus. The lights may be actuated either manually or automatically. Sensors are provided to detect the stage of ambient light in order to automatically actuate the light sources

US Patent 6,431,733 (Illuminated sports board)

An illuminated sports board has a riding platform having a top surface and a bottom surface, a microcontroller mounted on the top surface, a power source operably connected to the microcontroller, an electro-luminescent sheet positioned on the riding platform, an electrical circuit electrically connecting the microcontroller to the electro-luminescent sheet, and a translucent resin layer covering both the riding platform and the electro-luminescent sheet.

US Patent 4,997,196 (Illuminated skateboard)

Improvements to a skateboard comprise a board having a complete string of LED's embedded in a groove around the periphery of the skateboard in the first embodiment, powered by a microcontroller and a battery mounted to the underside of the board. In the second embodiment, along the same lines, a kit is provided wherein skid bars have the LED's mounted in them, connected by wiring leading to the microcontroller and battery. The kit can be sold for after-market use, and may consist of just the two side boards, or the rear skid board as well, often called the kick board.