Lightbox for Android: Android's Answer to Instagram, iCloud and More

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Not only does Lightbox for Android fill in the Instagram-sized hole in the Android Market with slick sharing of filterized pictures, it also does what iCloud does: beam the photos you take on your phone to your tablet and web browser instantly.

What's it do?

Lightbox is a stylish camera app that's good enough to replace the stock camera app. Though it doesn't have basic features like zoom or autofocus, it does give you the ability to add 10 trendy filters after your shot. Your artsy photos can be shared via Twitter and Facebook and is easily accessible through Lightbox's website.


Why do we like it?

The best part about Lightbox is that it syncs itself automagically over the cloud. Oooh! It's like what Apple is trying to do with iCloud—pictures you take on your smartphone pop up on your Honeycomb tablet and their web interface immediately. Also, Lightbox can smartly connect with your Facebook and Twitter (and other accounts), so you can see your friends' pictures on those networks through Lightbox and comment and retweet as you normally would. Pretty clever! And probably most importantly, as internet-tied Lightbox is, it doesn't require an internet connection to use (it'll sync up everything you did once you grab onto a connection). The best of both worlds.


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