Lightning Round: Plastic Surgeon Package Opener

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The Gadget: The Plastic Surgeon, a cutting tool to open those plastic blister packs that dominate retail packaging. It's shaped sort of like an old-school can opener (the non-turning kind), and is designed to rip the tip off of clamshell packs by slicing all the way around.


The Price: $8.95

The Verdict: Fantastic. Unlike the OpenX, which only really worked for us on one type of plastic clamshell packaging, the Plastic Surgeon works on almost all types. And it works really, really well. Just lift up the plastic auto-close protective cover, jam it into the corner of a clamshell pack, then slide all the way around until you've ended up where you started. If you did it right (and it's pretty hard not to—there's even an included DVD that shows you how to use it) the top comes off. If you're reading Giz, you definitely owe it to yourself to get one of these to open all the electronics you buy. [Plastic Surgeon]

p.s. the Plastic Surgeon doesn't come in a blister pack. It's got a paper backing that you slide off. Think toothbrushes.



what the hell is wrong with scissors? That technology has been around for hundreds of years... For that matter I still use sharp pieces of cracked stone to open my blister packages. Bloody bourgoise pansies.