Lightning Round: V-Moda Vibe Duo (With iPhone Call Button)

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The Gadget: The V-Moda Vibe Duo iPhone headphones, which combine V-Moda's great price to quality ratio with a thin, iPhone-compatible headphone jack with an on-board music/call control button.

The Price: $99

The Verdict: These sound just as good (both incoming and outgoing) as the older Vibe Duos without the call button, and definitely just as good as the older Vibes without the iPhone integration. If you've got an iPhone, they're pretty much an all-in-one solution to replace the sub-par default Apple headphones with something that still has an on-board call button and much, much better sound quality. Pick one up if you're in the market for some iPhone buds. [V-Moda]


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Maybe I'm getting old, but the Vibe Duos were much too bassy for my ears. Listening to them, I felt like I was riding in the trunk of a pimped out Jeep.