Lil' Mikey is the most adorable Ninja Turtle in the world

When Mondo revealed they were getting into the Toy business back at SDCC this year, I don't think anyone expected one of their first figures to be this adorable - but lo and behold, here we are with this lovely take on TMNT's Michaelangelo. My teeth are hurting just looking at him!

The 9" vinyl toy is based Just Like Us, a series of prints by artist Mike Mitchell depicting cutsey, stylised renditions of pop culture characters. Here's his Lil' Mikey print alongside the final toy:


It's a pretty amazing translation from print to 3D product, to be honest - Mondo have done an amazing job capturing Mitchell's style in the sculpt, making an adorable design look even better in the flesh. Well, err, the vinyl, but you get what I mean. It's not often that such a direct translation works, but it really does here.

Lil' Mikey is due for release early next year, and as ever with Vinyl toys and Mondo products in general, if you want one you'll be putting down quite a chunk of money: $105, to be exact. That's a price tag to match the extreme levels of cuteness going on here.

[Mondo Shop]

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