At last! The Beatles iPod is out, although not from Apple. But if you are a fan of the Fab Four and you still think the classic iPod is worth it and you want to help Paul, Ringo, and Yoko through the crisis, you will need to blow $795 to get it. The Limited Edition Ultimate Collector's Beatles iPod Set comes in a wooden box designed by Psycho Bunny, containing the 120GB Beatles iPod, 13 original Beatles album in CD form, two masters, the Love CD, and one engraved guitar pick. Clearly, this is not the Beatles iPod that I was looking for. This one, on the other side:


This one is exactly what I want. Steve, please make this happen before you retire to your private beach. Puuhleezee. The Bloomingdale's-packaged 2,500-unit-limited edition iPod can go to whoever wants one. [Bloomingdale's]

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