Linux for iPhone May Open the Door to Android iPhone

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Here you have it. Linux running on the iPhone. Yes, it's only the first port, but it's the iPhone running the Linux OS, controlled with a USB keyboard running off the iPhone multi-purpose port thanks to the reverser engineering of Apple's hardware drivers by iPhone Dev Team member planetbeing. And while it is still limited and doen't have support for many things, this work opens the door to a much more interesting thing than just a character-based terminal: Google's Android running on the iPhone hardware.


Just imagine that. Google taking the smartphone war directly into Apple territory. Sure, most people would not care about this, but if Google does this-and most probably not even Google directly, but someone else using Android's codebase-it would really make things interesting. I, for one, would love to see this happening, even while I personally think that Android is half-baked and most people will ignore it. For now.

At this time, the Linux port has the framebuffer driver (for video), the serial driver, serial over USB driver, and drivers for the interrupts, the clock, and miscellaneous hardware components. They don't have most of the other things, like write support for the NAND memory, wireless networking, touchscreen drivers, sound, accelerometer, and, one big and, the baseband chip, which is what makes the iPhone communicate with the cellular networks.

But the fact is that it's getting there and, knowing this, I'm sure several Google employees are scrambling to get the codebase for this port, and maybe help in the effort.

[Linux on iPhone via iPhone Dev Team-Thanks GloKidd]




Funny. All along I thought that the ingenuity of the iPhone was its OS, not its hardware. After all, what's it got? A nice touch screen and a frikken home button. Oh yeah, and if you're still on older iPhones, a recessed headphone jack. Doesn't have a memory card slot, and it doesn't have replaceable batteries. I guess the accelerometer is a pretty good one.

I guess I'm just one of those Apple fans that, while I appreciate their products' good looks a great deal, have always been into their OS. So I would consider running a Mac OS on a Wintel machine (if it's possible and it had to come down to it), I could never understand people who would want to run Windows (or anything else) as the primary OS on a Mac.