Liquid Body Armor By End Of 2007

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The company Armor Holdings is developing a liquid-type of body armor to either replace or enhance the current tough fiber and polymer armor that's in use today. The liquid can be smeared on a person, or a person's clothing, and stiffens when hit by an object.

In their current tests, they found this liquid armor is best used when painted onto current Kevlar armor in thin layers. The company wants to make the new liquid armor available for police departments, the military, and prison guards. It can protect guards from a shivving, something their current vests and armor can't.

This new armor type is cheaper than traditional fiber armor to manufacture, so we're dreaming of one day coating all underwear in this stuff—making groin hits a thing of the past.


Body Armor Fit For A Superhero [BusinessWeek]

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The U.S. Ski Team used a similar technology in their racing suits this past winter. Instead of the hard plastic forearm and shin guards the racers used to wear, they had a gel material sewn into their lycra suits that hardened on impact with the gates. Didn't help their miserable showing in the Olympics, but they scored big on the tech-o-meter!