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Liquidation Overlords, Utter Chaos Have Taken Over Circuit City

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Circuit City stores across the U.S. descended into chaos this weekend following the box chain's demise earlier this week, with many outlets reporting long lines, spotty sales and insanity that had supplanted consumers' good sense.

Below are a few sporadic examples of the horror you'll find within a Circuit City this weekend. However, this one damning tidbit I'll provide beforehand might be all you need to know.


Allegedly, one of our tipsters told us today that their Circuit City actually had the audacity to sell new, unopened Nintendo GameCubes for $50. Insanity!


But wait, there's more:

• Consumers were apparently "swarming everywhere," breathless with questions for employees who were not there to answer them
• Questions for managers were directed to the liquidators; they had no power there anymore

• "One male employee in the section I was browsing, spent most of the time I was there (about 15 minutes) pleading ignorance and searching for a manager who never (apparently) materialized," said a source at CNET.

Deals were reportedly about 10% off, 20% on movies. Hellish. [CNET via KotakuThanks, Vince!]