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Foxes' jazzy cover of Queen's Don't Stop Me Now was one of many wonderful parts of last night's fresh, exciting episode of Doctor Who. The BBC have now released the full version of her cover, with a music video that looks ahead to the rest of Series 8...


The video features footage from last night's episode, Mummy on the Orient Express (and thus contains some minor spoilers for those who haven't seen the episode yet), but whilst you're primarily here for the lovely ditty, there's also a few tidbits from upcoming episodes - like this vista of London, covered in trees:

Some hazmat-suited characters, presumably from the same episode considering their forest-y environment:


And of course, this year's returning baddies:

The Cybermen are once again on the march in London, in front of St. Paul's Cathedral - 46 years after they last did it! Just what you need on a Sunday.


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