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Listen to Siri Sing Backup for the Flaming Lips

Illustration for article titled Listen to Siri Sing Backup for the Flaming Lips

Siri has been an accomplice to the comedy routines of everyone from Conan O'Brien to our very own Sam Biddle, but we hadn't seen her musical talents until the Flaming Lips enlisted her help on this new weirdness.


Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne posted a track featuring Siri to Soundcloud over the weekend, writing the following as a preface:

Sound construction piece featuring Lips, Erykah Badu, Siri, and Biz Markie backwards. It's called "Now I Understand" It's funny and will be available on SoundCloud for one week only!!! Life is beautiful. Music gets you high.



High indeed Wayne Coyne! The "sound construction" takes advantage of Siri's creepy, Hal-like voice. "Wayne, I don't understand," Siri says addressing Coyne. "The Moon, the stars, and the sun, I don't understand." Thankfully, Coyne long ago mastered the art of making really weird music, so the track is actually beautiful and not a tasteless monstrosity. Don't worry, by the end, Siri understands. [Soundcloud via The Verge]


Image via the Flaming Lips

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Is there anything Siri can't do? Other than find an abortion clinic of course.