Listen to the Gnarly Churn of $10,000 Worth of Moog Synthesizer

Earlier this month, Moog announced that it would be reissuing an extremely limited number of rebooted instruments from the company's extinct line of crazy modulars from the 1970s. You'll probably never actually get to play one, but at the very least you can revel in the magnificent demo in the video above.

At $10,000, the Model 15 is the most modestly priced of Moog's three synthesizer reboots. Moog is selling exactly 150 Model 15s, which have been meticulously recreated from the original 1973 schematics. This is important because many times when companies reissue classic gear they make it from cheaper materials than the originals.

What you get for $10,000 is amazing. As Max Ravitz—the player in the video—notes, the big, old analog circuit design has a lot of power and harmonic possibility. More so than the smaller Eurorack modules people use today—to say nothing of the digital heresy that's increasingly encroaching pure circuits.


As Ravitz sweeps through the various oscillators and filters, you can see him grimace in that vaguely aroused "hell yeah" way, as if he's a motorhead revving a the engine of a perfectly tuned F-350. OK, so maybe you'll never own one of these cubes of analog perfection. That doesn't make it any less satisfying to window shop through YouTube. [Source Distribution via Synthtopia]

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Big fan of old school synths here it always blows me away that people can sit at a big box of electronics and wires and sht and produce music. If you haven't heard it, you should get "Switched on Bach", i've listened to it hundreds of times.