Lite Source Lights Try to Help You Get Some

Lite Source (their spelling) has released these funky lights to jazz up your shack. At 3.5" in diameter and 9.5" tall they shall definitely make an interesting prelude to an awkward make out session, which ends in the discovery of your collection of Care Bears, complete humiliation and indefinite social out casting.

The light emitted comes from LEDs only, as such, the amount of light provided will not be enough to make out the acne-ridden surface of your skin, but it will provide enough illumination to make you appear slightly appealing, prior to the Care Bare cascade of events. The linear pattern lamp will set you back $70.71, whilst the firework-like design will cost a little more at $84.60. For the record, those Care Bears weren't even mine—I was looking after them for a friend. [Product Page via Technabob]


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