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Live from CES: Hands-On with the Sony Reader

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Sony's new Reader is fantastic and we want one immediately. The price point is going to be painfully high, with guesstimates in between $300 and $400, but it's everything the Librié—Sony's first-generation, Japan-only ePaper-based eBook reader (whew)—should have been.

Not only is the display amazing (and amazingly readable), but Sony promised us that there would be no restriction on moving over your own documents to the Reader—the DRM schmutz has been greatly decreased. Not only will the Reader support PDF files natively, but Sony's PC syncing software will automatically convert .doc files with most formatting intact. eBooks will be an optional purchase through Sony's Connect service.


But here's the hottest part: RSS support with images. The digital morning paper is finally about to happen.

(Please note, we think the Sony Reader is exciting as all get out, but we're mostly just excited about a decent consumer ePaper/eInk product in general. Other units are on the way soon from other manufacturers and we're hyped about those, as well.)


Enjoy another, larger picture of the unit displaying text after the jump.