Why would the noble locksmith have a bone to pick with geeks? Because they are beating them at their own game, that's why. A growing number of amateur lock picking enthusiasts are intimidating the professionals with their skill-a group comprised mainly of computer geeks who draw parallels between network hacking and lock busting. According to Paul Bentley, president of the Association of Ontario Locksmiths: "This is a skill that can do a lot of harm, that's why we kind of protect it."

Indeed, the mystery surrounding locksmithing has largely disintegrated thanks to the dissemination of information across the internet. Precision tools are also available to the public, but many hobbyists are capable of Macgyver-like picking feats with everyday objects. As one hobbyist noted, "One guy I know even used a banana." Furthermore, many skilled amateurs are able to defeat 'uncrackable' locks in seconds.


Some may argue that this kind of activity breeds thieves while others argue that it is a harmless hobby that can actually force lock makers to improve their product. Either way, it probably doesn't matter all that much. A gun or a hammer is usually all of the lockpicking equipment a criminal needs. [globeandmail]

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