Logitech Buys Slim Devices, Promises Autonomy

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Late last night saw one of our favorite companies spring quite the surprise when Slim Devices announced that it had been bought by peripherals monster Logitech.


The company responsible for such streaming-audio goodness as the Transporter and Squeezebox is set to suckle from the Logitech marketing teat in a bid to bring its high-end audio technology to the unwashed masses, while remaining an independent unit within the larger group. According to a forum post by Slim Devices CEO Sean Adams, every last man jack on his staff has accepted the new gig and the offices are staying put in Mountain View.

Logitech's sheer size and brand strength is sure to result in more products being shifted at lower prices (a la Harmony Remote), but maintaining the Slim track record for quality is going to be a tall order.


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