Slim Devices Transporter: Exclusive First Look At the Ultimate Audio Streamer

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Alright sound geeks, put on your bibs before you read any further. Slim Devices is soon to release this $1999 Mega-Super-Duper networked streamer that is chock full of audiophile goodness. The Transporter – no affiliation with crappy films – is loaded with what they claim is the best digital analog converter available, the cleanest power supply you can buy, and every digital input and output you could think of. Consider the aircraft aluminum chassis, and we've got what looks to be the nicest audio streamer ever made. More stat-blather after the jump.


-DAC: AKM AK4396 Multi-bit Sigma-Delta D/A, 120dB Dynamic Range, 120dB SNR (A-weighted), -106dB THD+N.
-Digital Outputs: 15 picoseconds intrinsic jitter (std. deviation), coax, optical, BNC S/PDIF, & balanced AES/EBU.
-Digital Inputs: Coax, optical and BNC S/PDIF, and balanced AES/EBU inputs can be used to drive the DAC, network streaming or pass-through.
-Display: Dual 320x32 grayscale vacuum florescent displays with multiple text, spectrum analyzer and VU views.
-Network: True 802.11g wireless, 10/100mbs ethernet.
-Decoders: WAV, AIFF, MP3, WMA, FLAC with 24 bit resolution, 44.1, 48 and 96k sample rates.

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Granted, it's easily ported, but still. My AudioTron uses a fairly standard server software protocol - Windows File Sharing, supported by practically any OS that either runs Windows, or samba. My Windows PC doesn't need anything installed to work with my AudioTron, and I picked up a nice NAS appliance that my AudioTron uses just fine as well.

The AudioTron has far less hardware on it than this, so I'm sure this thing can build in the necessary intelligence to search out MP3s on the network already.

I mean, it's another piece of software to have running in your PC/server, and since I use Windows Sharing for other tasks, well, not installing something is far nicer than installing stuff.