Logitech Vid Does HD Video Calling With Four 720p Webcams

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Vid, the proprietary (and simple) voice calling software from Logitech, is getting updated to support 720p HD. Logitech's also putting out four new compatible HD cameras, some of them super cheap, and one of them that does 1080p (local recording).


First the cams. The Logitech HD Pro C910 is their top of the line, which comes at $100, but does 720p video calls and 1080p local recording for uploading later to YouTube or whatever cam show site you prefer. It also has dual-mics for noise cancellation—something that's basically obligatory for higher-end webcams now. There's also a 10-megapixel still photo mode as well.

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There's then the C510, which is an HD cam for your laptop, but still handles up to 720p video calls and swerves around 360 so you can capture everyone in your hotel room. Also does 8-megapixel stills, and goes for $60.

The lower end, the C310 and the C270, retails at $50 and $40, respectively. They both do 720p, and are aimed at people who want the HD calling, but don't need all the extra features.

All of these models ship in June, except the C910, which ships in August.

As for the Logitech Vid HD, I had a chance to test it out with the folks at Logitech and it really is the highest quality video call I've experienced. Skype and MSN video and the other video clients don't go up to 720p yet. Though, to reach 720p, you have to meet the minimum PC requirements (no Macs yet), and have a fast enough internet connection to push those bits upstream. That's probably going to the main issue for most people, where you need at least 1Mbps upload to have a 720p call.


I tested the 720p video call on a 1080p TV in my living room, although we've been equating video calls to the future lately (Fring on the EVO, FaceTime on the iPhone 4), this really felt like being Sir Patrick Stewart on the bridge of the Enterprise. Of course, Picard video called Romulans and not his mom on that thing, so he still wins. For now.

Logitech promises that the Logitech Vid technology will make it into their Google TV box—coming late this year—so all you need to do to make a video call on your TV is to hook up one of these webcams to that box.


If you do meet the requirements, the results are quite impressive. [Logitech Vid]




It sounds really cool, but I am pretty sure it would thrash most consumer internet connections to stream two way HD video.

I am glad the products are there though, anything that adds to the infrastructure to use better network speeds will theoretically help drive the improvement of said connections.