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Logitech's Illuminated Keyboard Is Its Skinniest Yet

Illustration for article titled Logitechs Illuminated Keyboard Is Its Skinniest Yet

Logitech's last keyboard offering was the wireless touchpad diNovo Edge,Mac Edition, and though this new keyboard is neither wireless nor touchpad-enabled, it's got two things going for it: it's got back-lit keys for night typing, and it's just 0.37-inches deep. That's skinny, though not quite Apple keyboard aluminum skinny. Due in October in the US and Europe for $80. [Press release]


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We love the diNovo keyboard and are always impressed with Logitech's...

DiNovo FirstLook:


DiNovo FirstUse:


However, we are a little lost on the utility of a really thin keyboard. It is not like it takes up less desk space when it is thinner. We are missing the point of this "feature" and would definitely want to hear about a compelling use for a "thin" keyboard.