Logitech's New Bluetooth Keyboard Docks Tablet and Phone at Once

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Bluetooth wireless keyboards are so prolific that it's hard to tell one from the other. But Logitech's new K480 has a surprisingly neat feature: a cut-out groove that lets you dock both a phone and tablet at the same time.


There's no direct connectivity on offer—so there's no data syncing or charging going on—but the keyboard does allow you to neatly see both screens at once. If, that is, they're the right size: you probably won't squeeze an iPad Air and a Galaxy Note on here in landscape mode (you sick whack), but you could, say, fit an iPad Mini and an HTC One M8 in there. It also has Logitech's Easy-Switch function, which means jumping between devices is pretty straightforward—you just spin a wheel to choose from three pre-paired devices.

Obviously, the keyboard also pairs up with your laptop or desktop—in fact it works with Windows, iOS, Android and iOS—so you could use it on your desk at home and then stuff it in your bag for travel. It'll be available in black or white later this month for $50. The only real decision left to be made is: work on the tablet and Netflix on the phone, or the other way round? [Logitech]

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Interesting...Is it backlit? Cause i'm not buying anymore keyboards that aren't.