LogMeIn For Android Puts Your Home Computer In Your Pocket

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LogMeIn Ignition, an excellent remote access app, is now available in the Android Market for $30. Of the many apps that let us monitor our public domain movie torrents on the go, LogMeIn's long been a Giz favorite.


LogMeIn works with Android 1.5+ and has plenty of features that make it easy(ish) to control your big 'ole computer with little flicks of your fingers:

. Login with one-touch using locally encrypted, and stored account and
password information
. Navigate a computer - and move the mouse — using Android touch
including pinch and pan zoom navigation
. Access full onscreen keyboard and use Mac or PC key combinations and
. Switch between remote monitors for viewing expanded desktops


LogMeIn is optimized for 26 Android devices, so it can even keep your G1 connected to your home PC (and just keep it feeling connected in general.) [Android Market and LogMeIn]

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While I'm here...

Anyone know of an app that streams audio AND video from the PC to your Android? This will be especially handy when the Android tablets start releasing. I think that Apple has some kind of "AIR" app that does this...but I'm not sure.