Look Back on Your Awesome Life with Facebook's 2012 Personal Roundup

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The best part of Facebook is using it as a mirror, and what a mirror they've made today—a Timeline that pulls together your "20 biggest moments," life events, how many people you friended, and other crowning achievements.

So what'll you find? I was presented with a group shot I took on Election Night (significant!), a photo of me eating chicken nuggets (insignificant!), a few statuses I shared of varying significance, and all of the birthday wishes I got on my wall. If you try not to think of these as the 20 best things that happened to you over the past year—which is depressing—the retrospective is still a lot of fun. Facebook's Timeline is about nostalgia and staring at your past, and this end of year review serves up a nice neat helping. And seeing that you've added 111 friends in just 11 months is wonderfully jarring.


To view yours, go to your own profile page—there should be a link to the review at the top left.